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Tips for Selling Your Own Home – Blake Wilcox Properties

Tips for Selling Your Own Home

for sale by owner in The Woodlands

Tips for Selling Your Own Home

Good Morning and Happy Presidents’ Day! This week’s Real Estate 411 is a fact sheet for the For Sale By Owner.

As a real estate broker I’m always going to encourage you to consult a real estate professional first before deciding to go it alone and list your home For Sale By Owner. However, if you have studied the market and believe you can do it, I have some helpful tips for you below.

1. Never give a caller your daily routine.

2. Never be alone when showing your home.

3. Qualify the buyer before an appointment.

4. Verify potential buyer’s name and telephone number before making an appointment to show your home.

5. Keep buyers together when showing your home.

6. Put all valuables, firearms, money, medicine and jewelry out of sight.

7. Make sure all pets are vaccinated. Try to confine or remove pets from the home to reduce your liability.

8. Check that all windows and doors are locked after each showing of your home.

9. Make sure all house, garage and car keys, alarm codes, etc. are out of sight.

10. Do not give out personal information, just facts pertaining to the house.

11. Warn your children not to open the door to prospective buyers, not to answer any questions about the home or personal things in the house.

12. Get information about prospective buyers such as driver’s license number, car license plate number, etc.

13. Protect against identify theft. Keep bank statements, utility bills, checkbooks, etc., out of sight.

14. Don’t disclose location of home sage or special hiding places.

15. Don’t talk too much about your alarm system.

16. If your home has a pool or spa, make sure you follow all safety precautions to reduce your liability.

I hope this information is helpful and if any of you have any questions regarding listing your home please don’t hesitate to email me.

Keep it REAL!


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