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TOP 10 Things To Do

When Selling Your Home


Selling your home can be very exciting but also very overwhelming.  There are so many factors to think about when preparing your home to go on the market.  Many times we think about the big items and forget about the smaller details that buyers may look at.  Buyers are in a different mindset than a seller, so as the seller you must think like a buyer.  Look at every detail of selling your home as if you were the buyer.  Is it a fair price, are there a lot of repairs to be done, does it need a fresh coat of paint, etc.?  Below is a list of ten things that can help when you are thinking about selling your home.  Remember there may be other items that come up along the way, but here are a few to help in the process.


  1. PICK THE RIGHT AGENT – Find someone that is very familiar with your area. An agent that knows the community is the best resource.  Research how they will market your property and what they will do to get your house sold.
  2. PRICE IT RIGHT – Work with your agent to look at comparable properties. Look at homes in the area that have already sold and ones that are currently on the market.  Price your property where you and your agent feel comfortable that it will sell.
  3. CLEAN IT UP – An uncluttered house shows much better than a cluttered one. Empty closets and garage. A good rule is to take 50% out of every closet.  It allows buyers to see the amount of storage space they will have.  Put items in storage and stage your home to show the best.
  4. LIGHT IT UP – A well-lit house is something that a lot of buyers look for. Open the curtains, take down heavy drapes, clean the windows and turn the lights on.  Dark spaces often seem smaller, so show the buyers how much light the house has to offer.
  5. Quick Fixes – Make quick fixes to anything that is broken. Leaky faucets, squeaky door hinges and old paint are all quick and easy to fix.  Fixing broken items allows more opportunity for you to get the price you want for your home.
  6. Curb Appeal – First impression is everything. Make your home attractive on the outside, so buyers want to come in and see what the inside has to offer.  Overgrown landscaping and trees distract from the home and deter buyers.
  7. De-Personalize but not too much – Buyers like to imagine themselves in the house. Take down the majority of family photos and unneeded items that make it “your” house.  Allow buyers to imagine where they will place their own.
  8. Fresh Smells – Unpleasant odors are a negative. Get rid of anything that may cause bad smells.  Cat litter boxes, pet food and bowls, dirty laundry, etc.  Replace with fresh flowers, potpourri and other pleasant scents that will welcome buyers in.
  9. Clean – Clean your house everywhere. A clean home is very attractive to interested buyers.  Clean appliances, ceiling fans, air vents, curtains, blinds and everywhere in the bathrooms.  Hire a professional company to come in and do a top to bottom job on your house.
  10. Be Ready to Show – Make sure your home is ready to be shown at any time. Keep the house well kept and clean at all times. Take pets with you when your house is being shown. Buyers do not always like to be welcomed by the family dog or cat.

Our top priority at Blake Wilcox Properties is our clients.  We want to make sure they and you have all the information you need when buying or selling a home.  Let us help you market your home to it’s best ability.  We use a strategic digital marketing plan to sell your home fast!  Contact us now on how we can help you.  We hope this top ten things to do when selling your home seller checklist is helpful in your next home sale.


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Blake Wilcox Properties is a boutique real estate firm servicing The Woodlands, Montgomery County and surrounding areas. Blake Wilcox is the winner of the 5 Star Realtor Award from Texas Monthly Recently nominated for Best Realtor in The Woodlands and recently named Top Realtor of Woodforest.

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